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By the short hairs.

The ruling elite are getting a big laugh at us scurrying around bleating like sheep while they do exactly as they please.  “Let them complain.” they say, “What else can the sheep do besides bleat?”  If the sheep begin to zero in on an injustice and make too many waves, the ruling elite simply redirect our ire to another, even more egregious injustice, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Most Americans are uneducated by design. The sole purpose of the “publik skuhl sistim” is to produce compliant taxpayers. It is doing a pretty good job. Then the media (including Faux News) validates the skuhl’s Marxist teachings. The ruling elite then pass and enforce laws as they see fit with total indifference to all the bleating from the sheep of a compliant, cowardly nation.

All that remains to do, is to remove the teeth of the sheep dogs one by one by arresting them, killing them, disarming them and intimidating them into submission by hurting their families. Soon even the sheep dogs will start to bleat like the sheep. Oh, “From my cold dead hands!” the sheep dogs holler.  Yeah right.  The wolves are at the door in full military battle armor with 14 fully automatic rifles and a few automatic shotguns, your wife and kids are standing behind you and you say you are going to fight.  No you will submit and hope they don’t come back.

Constitution, Education, Family, media

“Gay” marriage destroys our society!

One may under US law, enter into a legal contract with any other individual to bestow a power-of-attorney, joint ownership of property, beneficiary of insurance or investments, co-own property, designate as emergency contact, etc. etc. and if anyone wants to get married, they may do so within certain limitations that are existing under current law. Brother and sister may not marry, a 10 year old girl and a 40 year old man may not marry and polygamy is prohibited, so there is precedent for limitations on what constitutes marriage.

Not all states have identical laws on marriage, guns, driving, or voting, etc. The government didn’t regulate marriage before the end of the American Civil War when Southern Democrats wanted to stop the interracial marriages (and collect more fees?), and later Utah wanted to control polygamy.

Marriage IS a religious tenant not a civil one. gub’mint has no business IMO, being involved in marriage. Equal protection under the law is NOT special protection under the law. Marriage, as a religious tenant is one man and one woman united for life for the procreation and nurturing of the family. (Procreation is not a mandate, but is the preferred objective.)

Should the law permit individuals that have certain religious beliefs to use human sacrifice in their religious ceremonies? (The example is extreme, but it does tie into First Amendment rights of freedom of worship.) So therefore, using the “equal protection” argument, Incas in the US should be permitted, under equal protection of the law, to worship as they please and even to redefine the word worship to permit them to murder.

Words have meanings. Orwellian NewSpeak is dangerous to civil society. One can argue if changing the word marriage is NewSpeak, but if hundreds of words are modified such as marriage, gay, tolerance, democracy, natural-born citizen, murder, etc. language becomes irrelevant, communication breaks down. One person can not fully understand what the other person is saying.

Anecdote: While in the US Army, my job was in combat arms, but my platoon was assigned to the headquarters company. All of the headquarters companies of Armor units, at that time, had a higher percentage of “colored” troops assigned. Many of the jobs at headquarters were skills jobs, cooks, medics, clerks, etc. so most of the troops were well educated individuals.

I served with, worked with and partied with many of the men from headquarters. Racial tensions were high at that time, Malcolm X, M. L. King Jr., Stokley Carmichael were prominent figures (MLK was shot about then too.).

The black troops I would hang with off duty had a NewSpeak of their own, that I was able to understand to a small degree. They could look you in the eye (a white guy or officer) and insult them, and the white guy would be laughing along with them. I thought it was very interesting how they understood and used this NewSpeak language.

Politicians, journalists and talking heads today use a watered down version of NewSpeak to “tell the truth” when asked a question, but they mean a totally different thing than what we normally understand.

This is why I am so adamant about the meaning of words and not redefining words, especially legal concepts and language, to a new meaning.

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Let the Blame Game begin…

The shooter in Arizona was a nut. Period! Who gives a rats behind what his political interests were? He was not mentally stable, according to the reports of his recent past.

The liberal media is automatically blaming the Tea Party, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc. What Whining Weenies they are for even trying to toss that mud up against the wall to get some of it to stick.

Are they ALL children? They sound like a bunch of 9th graders that are picking sides against the popular/unpopular kid at school. This is what passes for objective journalism today, attack their political opponents and their favorite whipping boy, the Second Amendment?

It is these elitist journalists and Congresscritters that are ramping up the anger in fly-over country with ignoring important news stories or making them up, nasty campaign ads, lies, ramming laws down our throats, invasion of privacy and molesting grandma at the airports.

If any message needs to come out of this heinous act by a lone nut-job it is that our elected officials must back-off, and for the media to stop lying to us.

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What are your kids learning?

Here in the Fly household, we pulled the four kids out of publik skhuls when the eldest was in 5th grade. They were coming home with teachings of the evil Pilgrims had killed the peaceful native to steal their gold and Thanksgiving was about thanking those same Indians for feeding them. And soooo, soooo much more BS.

Mrs. Fly homeschooled them until they graduated from 12th grade, three went to college after that. They knew the Constitution, and accurate history as well as a bit of French and how to speak to adults beyond simple grunts. They made and have beau coup friends and are generally all around above average young adults now.

Our faith teaches us that is is OUR responsibility to train up our children in the way that they should go, not the gub’mint, not the NEA, not some faceless teacher with morals and values different than ours or worse, undermining our values that we want for them.

Anyone CAN do this, regardless of your financial situation. You may have to cut out the cable with all the movie channels and cancel your cell phone, etc. but it is a matter of priorities.