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By the short hairs.

The ruling elite are getting a big laugh at us scurrying around bleating like sheep while they do exactly as they please.  “Let them complain.” they say, “What else can the sheep do besides bleat?”  If the sheep begin to … Continue reading

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“Gay” marriage destroys our society!

One may under US law, enter into a legal contract with any other individual to bestow a power-of-attorney, joint ownership of property, beneficiary of insurance or investments, co-own property, designate as emergency contact, etc. etc. and if anyone wants to … Continue reading

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Let the Blame Game begin…

The shooter in Arizona was a nut. Period! Who gives a rats behind what his political interests were? He was not mentally stable, according to the reports of his recent past. The liberal media is automatically blaming the Tea Party, … Continue reading

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What are your kids learning?

Here in the Fly household, we pulled the four kids out of publik skhuls when the eldest was in 5th grade. They were coming home with teachings of the evil Pilgrims had killed the peaceful native to steal their gold … Continue reading

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