If the Republicans are going to pander….

Then at least pick a candidate who can win..big.

The GOP have been elevating good looking Republicans over the past decade or more to pander to the groups representing a stark minority within the GOP.  People like; Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Herman Cain, Alan West, Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin and others.  These are all good people in their own right.  Some even meet the eligibility requirements to be President of the U.S. and all could certainly do a better job then our current occupant of the White House, in my opinion.

Who I believe could run and win in a big way is the current Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez.  I believe this for a couple of reasons.  The first being she holds strong conservative values and made the decision switch to Republican after she had a soul searching.  So she is a decided Republican and she has a proven track record of leadership.  

Should Hillary win the nomination, Susana could blunt the feminist attacks that are sure to be hurled at her opponent, and then there is her Mexican heritage with a wonderful Spanish surname.  The icing on the cake is that there is no doubt about her being a natural-born citizen, eligible to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

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Just my own theory on eligibility…

As one who is just a fly on the wall, listening and reading what I find about Obama’s unwillingness to settle the eligibility issue, the question bothering me with regard to Obama and his lack of eligibility to be POTUS has been WHY.

Why was he allowed to be sworn in when there is so much, obviously credible, evidence he is not eligible? Why has this issue been drowned out by all the other squelch in the former main stream media. Why do Obama’s supporters appear so willing to take a bullet for this guy?

From the vast amount of information available and not so readily available, I have gleaned my own theory of what is really going on. (Before you Obats begin foaming at the mouth on this, I will admit here this is only my own theory. Nothing more.)

I theorize that a very powerful entity, such as “the mob”, through its operatives in government offices, manned by members of the SEIU, have found Obama’s official Kenyan Birth Certificate, or his Hawaiian Birth Certificate with an embarrassing notation of his parentage. This gives “the mob” the ultimate bargaining chip to control Obama.

This would be one explanation for the daily visits or phone conversations between Obama and the unions, the sweetheart deals for the GM union employees, the expansion of the Federal Government workforce, etc. Viewed through this prism, more of the unfathomable decisions and reasons for Obama’s actions, and/or lack of action, make sense.

There are other theories of course, but this one seems to me to ring the truest.

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Only 28% of people polled believe Obama is natural born citizen


More and more folks, pundits, politicians and journalists are wondering why this controversy is still raging. Could there be something to this deliberate sealing of documents. Remember Hillary Clinton hiding the law records around the Vince Foster murder? Richard Nixon not releasing the audio tapes? GW Bush late in releasing his school and military records? There is almost something there, there.

What is Barry hiding? Since we do not know, investigations and suppositions are ongoing.

There is evidence, some circumstantial, some solid to fuel this fire. Was Barry born in Canada when Stanley Ann visited a friend there? Is Barack Hussein Obama Sr. not the genetic father, but Malcolm (Little) X? Was he born in Kenya and acquired a modified Certification of Live Birth in Hawaii as per Hawaiian law and common practice at the time? Did Barry become an Indonesian citizen upon his adoption by Lolo Soeteoro and has never repatriated? Was Barry’s Indonesian passport used to travel to Pakistan, acquire foreign aid student grants when he went to college? Which of the half dozen Social Security Numbers are actually his, if any? How did Barry get a Social Security Number of a deceased Connecticut man born in the 1800’s?

There are simply too many unanswered questions, and a complete lack of disclosure of ANY bit of information, with no/few classmates, professors, friends or relatives speaking out in his defense.

How is it that a man, the the American public knows so little about, become the presumptive leader of the most power military force in the world? No one here or anywhere else can provide one provable, court acceptable shred of evidence about this man’s past, or place and time of birth.

Instead all the Obots can do is argue that a computer generated image on the internet is proof of something (/Got Photoshop?) and that the definition of “natural born citizen” after 219+ years, can be falsely interpreted in Obama’s favor.

Of course people have doubts!

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Where is Hollywood now?

Oliver Stone is infamous for some of the most bastardized movies of historic figures, JFK, Reagan, etc.. Then there was the movie [sic] about George W. Bush being assassinated, and many other distortions of history using factual basis but always twisted just enough to be considered deceptive, much like Satan tempting Jesus in the desert, inaccurately quoting scripture to confuse and confound.

I do not know how many individuals I have talked to that believe fictional accounts from movies as fact. As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I have been sensitive to inaccurate movie portrayal of soldiers and veterans in films such as Apocalypse Now, Born On The Forth Of July, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket and a boatload of others.*

So where is Hollywierd now that such a controversial and true life movie plot is occupying the White House? No one can tell me the facts of Obama’s life and usurpation of power isn’t strange enough for a Vince Flynn or Tom Clancy movie plot. Call the main character Barry Yo-mama or something and let Spike Lee play Barry, Whoopie can be Charrel (Michelle).

I just would like to see a movie or video connecting all the dots with enough entertainment value, with the same feel of an Oliver Stone movie, but with all facts that causes everyone to question his eligibility. It would be like speaking “their” language.


* The best Vietnam War movies, IMO, are Hamburger Hill, We Were Soldiers and Green Beret.

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and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,

Kris Kobach the Secretary of State-Elect of Kansas was on the O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night discussing the fight states are engaged in with the federal government over the misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment wrongly bestowing US citizenship to children born of illegal aliens.

The usual one-sided discussion was centered around the phrase “..and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,”. Bill’s false interpretation centered around the fact since that US law enforcement has “jurisdiction” over anyone (except those with diplomatic immunity), anyone within the borders of the USA are under the full jurisdiction as used in the Constitution. (I don’t know why O’Reilly even bothers to have any guests on his show since he knows everything about everything. /sarcasm)

A sojourner of any nation, legal or not, are not “under the jurisdiction” of that nation, completely. A tourist can not be drafted into that nation’s military, vote in their elections nor are they subject to taxes, i.e. estate taxes, if they die within the USA’s borders. They are however subject to criminal juristiction and can be deported, whereas a citizen of the USA can not lose their citizenship, except in certain cases such as a conviction for treason.

This is also important in the battle to expose the Usurper-in-Chief that currently occupies the White House. Barrack Hussein Obama Sr. was never “under the jurisdiction” of the united States of America. He remained a British subject and was under the jurisdiction of British law thus conveying that jurisdiction to his son.

Opening up this debate will have the serendipitous effect of removing the wrongfully applied 14th Amendment from the debate of natural born citizenship.

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One last time, an explanation of “natural born citizen”.

In the United States of America one can be a citizen, by birth or naturalization.

Add the adjective born to citizen, and that eliminates naturalized citizens.

Add the adjective natural to born citizen, and we now have a third classification obviously different than a born citizen.


Many of our Founders were fluent in French and were intimately familiar with Emmerich de Vattel’s work. They used quotes and ideas throughout the Declaration of Independence and the united States Constitution.

The term natural born citizen was known and understood as one who is born with jus soli AND jus sanguinis. In fact a draft of the USC was changed to natural born citizen from native citizen to insure the office of Commander-in-Chief would never be held by anyone with foreign allegiances.

Natural born citizen is one who is born in the United States of America to two parents who are themselves citizens of the United States thus maintaining the Commander of all military forces have total allegiance to no other nation than the U.S.A. for obvious reasons.

The exception clause; “or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution,” was necessary since a President would not be able to hold office until the Original Citizens (those that twice swore an oath of allegiance to the USA) had children that reached the age of thirty-five years old.

This requirement was not necessary for the Congress. Original Citizens could hold office in the Congress if they swore an oath when the Revolutionary War began (the Senate) or before it ended (the House).

This is an accurate historical analysis of the origins of natural born citizen used in our Constitution as one of three requirements to hold the office of President of the united States and Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. military forces taken from the writings of the Framers of our Constitution and the Founders of our nation.

You may accept these facts as true or not. That is your choice.