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By the short hairs.

The ruling elite are getting a big laugh at us scurrying around bleating like sheep while they do exactly as they please.  “Let them complain.” they say, “What else can the sheep do besides bleat?”  If the sheep begin to … Continue reading

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Sure, stick it to the disabled veterans again

I like much of what Rep. Bachmann has to say, but she really p.o.ed a lot of disabled veterans by proposing offsetting their meager VA Disability Entitlements with Social Security Disability payments. Both of which we paid dearly for in … Continue reading

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Where is Hollywood now?

Oliver Stone is infamous for some of the most bastardized movies of historic figures, JFK, Reagan, etc.. Then there was the movie [sic] about George W. Bush being assassinated, and many other distortions of history using factual basis but always … Continue reading

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Let the Blame Game begin…

The shooter in Arizona was a nut. Period! Who gives a rats behind what his political interests were? He was not mentally stable, according to the reports of his recent past. The liberal media is automatically blaming the Tea Party, … Continue reading

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