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Does melanin affect reasoning?

What question should be asked about why the perception of so many people of one race is so much different than that of many other members in that same society? Is the answer related to one’s skin color and their ability to process facts? That does not make any sense.

This may be in the nature versus nurture argument where science debates if genetics or environment are causation for one’s actions. Genetically we all are decedents of the sons of Noah. Although the hypothesis has been made that with each generation we have become less intelligent*, a lower I.Q. as our cellular makeup looses information by dilution and disease. The argument goes, that since Noah’s Flood, we are exposed to higher levels of Solar radiation that damages cells and their ability to resist biological attacks and can distort the structures within cells that affect perfect cellular replication. But, this should affect everyone to a near equal degree.

The answer could then be our environment (nurture). This seems to be the obvious explanation. But, why so many people of one classified skin color and not more people with similar environments of all the various melanin levels? This explanation seems vapid as well.

What seems to remain then is political coercion. History has proved manipulation of large self-identified groups of people possible and sometimes deadly. Those sitting on opposite sides of a political chess board have their strategy to achieve their concept of victory. What could be the stratagem of these instigator’s promotion of the recent rise of racial tensions? What do they wish to gain? And, can the pawns, knights, bishops and rooks be convinced they are unwitting game pieces in this dangerously serious board game?

The best solution therefore must be spiritual, the outpouring of love for the unwitting and changing their hearts. Then can they see the lies for what they are and understand Satan’s stratagem for the world.

* not less educated


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