Reply to dr. kate “The Compact is Broken”

This is my reply to dr.kate’s post “The Compact is Broken”
The fundamental principal on which the American States united was founded and fought for, was that “all men are created equal”. That one man who is called a king (or group of men) is not “more equal” than any other man/person.
The situation we now find ourselves, is of our own making., Our disinterest in the integrity of our representatives and the process of choosing those men whom we send in our stead and instead childishly becoming more interested in how long some Hollywood marriage lasts has given us what we got.
The initial requirement to be included in this process, of only land owners having the right to vote, was a sound condition, as these will be the people that have a stake in the governing of the country. Those that pay no taxes and are suckling at the government teat only have their own self interest in mind.
The fight that may need to be, will not only be with the ruling elite from both wings of our one political party (republicrats) but also with their enslaved minions who rely on “massar” to feed and clothe them.
The problem is obvious to me, the solution is not.


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