Our responsiblity to own a gun!

An individual can only be coerced in one of two ways; by logic and reason or by force, none other. For an individual to be convinced against their position, they must be willing to read/listen to the argument opposed to the one they hold, whether rational or not. This is how a civil society should operate but unfortunately there are those that choose to use force to assert their will on other people.

If one is to be convinced counter to their decision, to relinquish a portion of their earned wages, force or the threat of force by an armed criminal or the government would be the only way they could be convinced, sans a compelling argument for them to voluntarily fork over what they have in their pocket or mail in a check. The only counter remaining would be to have at their disposal an equal or greater force to use for their defense. This is the exclusive method of the tyrant and/or criminal. A law abiding libertine would not use force to coerce another of their position.

Having available, a tool to defend oneself against the criminal and tyrants is the responsibility of the libertine and law abiding citizens, for when the good do nothing, evil will prosper. Failure to defend society against criminals and tyranny is in itself evil, and most people will choose to live in a civil society not fear.


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