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Only 28% of people polled believe Obama is natural born citizen…se_US_0215.pdf

More and more folks, pundits, politicians and journalists are wondering why this controversy is still raging. Could there be something to this deliberate sealing of documents. Remember Hillary Clinton hiding the law records around the Vince Foster murder? Richard Nixon not releasing the audio tapes? GW Bush late in releasing his school and military records? There is almost something there, there.

What is Barry hiding? Since we do not know, investigations and suppositions are ongoing.

There is evidence, some circumstantial, some solid to fuel this fire. Was Barry born in Canada when Stanley Ann visited a friend there? Is Barack Hussein Obama Sr. not the genetic father, but Malcolm (Little) X? Was he born in Kenya and acquired a modified Certification of Live Birth in Hawaii as per Hawaiian law and common practice at the time? Did Barry become an Indonesian citizen upon his adoption by Lolo Soeteoro and has never repatriated? Was Barry’s Indonesian passport used to travel to Pakistan, acquire foreign aid student grants when he went to college? Which of the half dozen Social Security Numbers are actually his, if any? How did Barry get a Social Security Number of a deceased Connecticut man born in the 1800’s?

There are simply too many unanswered questions, and a complete lack of disclosure of ANY bit of information, with no/few classmates, professors, friends or relatives speaking out in his defense.

How is it that a man, the the American public knows so little about, become the presumptive leader of the most power military force in the world? No one here or anywhere else can provide one provable, court acceptable shred of evidence about this man’s past, or place and time of birth.

Instead all the Obots can do is argue that a computer generated image on the internet is proof of something (/Got Photoshop?) and that the definition of “natural born citizen” after 219+ years, can be falsely interpreted in Obama’s favor.

Of course people have doubts!


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