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Where is Hollywood now?

Oliver Stone is infamous for some of the most bastardized movies of historic figures, JFK, Reagan, etc.. Then there was the movie [sic] about George W. Bush being assassinated, and many other distortions of history using factual basis but always twisted just enough to be considered deceptive, much like Satan tempting Jesus in the desert, inaccurately quoting scripture to confuse and confound.

I do not know how many individuals I have talked to that believe fictional accounts from movies as fact. As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I have been sensitive to inaccurate movie portrayal of soldiers and veterans in films such as Apocalypse Now, Born On The Forth Of July, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket and a boatload of others.*

So where is Hollywierd now that such a controversial and true life movie plot is occupying the White House? No one can tell me the facts of Obama’s life and usurpation of power isn’t strange enough for a Vince Flynn or Tom Clancy movie plot. Call the main character Barry Yo-mama or something and let Spike Lee play Barry, Whoopie can be Charrel (Michelle).

I just would like to see a movie or video connecting all the dots with enough entertainment value, with the same feel of an Oliver Stone movie, but with all facts that causes everyone to question his eligibility. It would be like speaking “their” language.


* The best Vietnam War movies, IMO, are Hamburger Hill, We Were Soldiers and Green Beret.


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