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Let the Blame Game begin…

The shooter in Arizona was a nut. Period! Who gives a rats behind what his political interests were? He was not mentally stable, according to the reports of his recent past.

The liberal media is automatically blaming the Tea Party, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc. What Whining Weenies they are for even trying to toss that mud up against the wall to get some of it to stick.

Are they ALL children? They sound like a bunch of 9th graders that are picking sides against the popular/unpopular kid at school. This is what passes for objective journalism today, attack their political opponents and their favorite whipping boy, the Second Amendment?

It is these elitist journalists and Congresscritters that are ramping up the anger in fly-over country with ignoring important news stories or making them up, nasty campaign ads, lies, ramming laws down our throats, invasion of privacy and molesting grandma at the airports.

If any message needs to come out of this heinous act by a lone nut-job it is that our elected officials must back-off, and for the media to stop lying to us.


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