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What are your kids learning?

Here in the Fly household, we pulled the four kids out of publik skhuls when the eldest was in 5th grade. They were coming home with teachings of the evil Pilgrims had killed the peaceful native to steal their gold and Thanksgiving was about thanking those same Indians for feeding them. And soooo, soooo much more BS.

Mrs. Fly homeschooled them until they graduated from 12th grade, three went to college after that. They knew the Constitution, and accurate history as well as a bit of French and how to speak to adults beyond simple grunts. They made and have beau coup friends and are generally all around above average young adults now.

Our faith teaches us that is is OUR responsibility to train up our children in the way that they should go, not the gub’mint, not the NEA, not some faceless teacher with morals and values different than ours or worse, undermining our values that we want for them.

Anyone CAN do this, regardless of your financial situation. You may have to cut out the cable with all the movie channels and cancel your cell phone, etc. but it is a matter of priorities.


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