Our recent Medal of Honor recipient’s story

Caution: The language is in their own words.

These are the men keeping us safe, yet so many in America do not appreciate what it is they are doing, @#&%?@ them!


The Sal Giunta Story from SebastianJunger/TimHetherington on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to Our recent Medal of Honor recipient’s story

  1. Papoose says:


    a solemn moment here.

    ~ thanks so much, Fly.

  2. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    Hey, Just a fly, this is a really good site and a very heart warming video. It took me a few days of reading your comments on Dr. Kates blog to realize who you are. It was very nice meeting you at Fort Meade. You are a true patriot and a great guy! I’ll keep reading your blog!

  3. marina says:

    Excellent story! I had the honour to meet another Medal of Honour recipient last month and there are no more impressive folks that you will ever meet.

    • justafly says:

      I have met two other MOH recipients Sammy David and David Macinerney (sp?). These are the people that should be heroes to our children not some guy that can throw a ball or recite rhymes.

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