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One last time, an explanation of “natural born citizen”.

In the United States of America one can be a citizen, by birth or naturalization.

Add the adjective born to citizen, and that eliminates naturalized citizens.

Add the adjective natural to born citizen, and we now have a third classification obviously different than a born citizen.


Many of our Founders were fluent in French and were intimately familiar with Emmerich de Vattel’s work. They used quotes and ideas throughout the Declaration of Independence and the united States Constitution.

The term natural born citizen was known and understood as one who is born with jus soli AND jus sanguinis. In fact a draft of the USC was changed to natural born citizen from native citizen to insure the office of Commander-in-Chief would never be held by anyone with foreign allegiances.

Natural born citizen is one who is born in the United States of America to two parents who are themselves citizens of the United States thus maintaining the Commander of all military forces have total allegiance to no other nation than the U.S.A. for obvious reasons.

The exception clause; “or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution,” was necessary since a President would not be able to hold office until the Original Citizens (those that twice swore an oath of allegiance to the USA) had children that reached the age of thirty-five years old.

This requirement was not necessary for the Congress. Original Citizens could hold office in the Congress if they swore an oath when the Revolutionary War began (the Senate) or before it ended (the House).

This is an accurate historical analysis of the origins of natural born citizen used in our Constitution as one of three requirements to hold the office of President of the united States and Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. military forces taken from the writings of the Framers of our Constitution and the Founders of our nation.

You may accept these facts as true or not. That is your choice.


7 thoughts on “One last time, an explanation of “natural born citizen”.”

  1. Obama got his passport in 1967 when he traveled to Indonesia with his mother and step father. In order for him to get a US passport he would have needed a social security number. Now, If we are to believe his selective service registration, his SS# is 042-68-4425. This number designates that it was issued from a Connecticut SS office that he would have had to go to in person to get the number. But, according to his autobiography, he hadn’t stepped foot on the US mainland until 1972.

    In 1967 he was issued a US passport using a SS# issued from Connecticut office that he had to go to file for the number, but couldn’t because he hadn’t set foot on the US mainland until 1972.

    Is any of this raising a red flag?
    Or, are red flags racist too?

    The way a child’s passport works/worked was, if Barry was born in Kenya and then his mother changed her mind and decided to keep Barry rather than leave him with his paternal grandmother (who claims to have been present at his birth) Stanley would have had to go the the nearest American Embassy and her bastard child (his father was not legally married to Stanley as he was already married in Kenya) would have been added to her passport. This is evident on the reissued passport (every five years) of Stanley Ann Dunham/Obama/Soetoro.

    Then when Stanley emigrated to Indonesia, remarried and Lolo Soetoro adopted the child before he turned six years old, he would have been issued a completely new birth certificate and his original would have been sealed. After the age of six (?) L’il Barry Soetoro would have been issued his very own Indonesian passport since he was an Indonesian citizen by adoption.

    This Indonesian passport would permit the man-child to travel to Pakistan in the 1980’s (?) when travel to that country was restricted by the State Department and to use it to apply for a Foreign Student Scholarship.

    When Barry a.k.a. Barrack Obama a.k.a.Soetoro a.k.a.Dunham re-entered the USA either through Seattle or Hawaii, he was an Indonesian citizen, but there are no naturalization records showing he entered the country legally.

    We now have a British subject conferred by his Kenyan father at birth, an Indonesian citizen by adoption by his step-father and possibly a born citizen (not natural born citizen) IF he was actually born in Hawaii (which has not to this day been proven with any actual long form birth certificate or Hawaiian hospital records).

    This is all the reason we should need to doubt Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of Commander-in-Chief and President of the USA. The evidence at the least demands a clarification and proof be presented to a controlling legal authority for the sake of our Constitution.

  2. He could have very well affirmed British citizenship and gotten a British passport in 1980, after the age of majority, especially since Pakistan was a British Commonwealth. Obama could be a British Citizen to this day.

  3. note: There was no travel ban to Pakistan in 1981. A US citizen need merely apply for a ten-day travel visa which was routinely granted, same as what you get if you travel to countries requiring a visa (like Australia) currently. In fact, the New York Times travel section had an article about Pakistan in 1981 and President Reagan encouraged American citizens to travel there to deepen our countries’ friendship.

    I travelled there in 1979 under very similar circumstances.

    1. You are correct, there was no ban. There were travel restrictions at the time that required notifying the US State Department. But that was only for those holding US Passports.

  4. This is fantastic, fascinating stuff! Can you give me the laws and historical data to back this up when I’m stuffing it down OBOT throats, please?

      1. Yeah, I haven’t seen the State Department stuff either. I see the travel ban debunked by obots but not the extra info that even thought travel was allowed you needed State Department permission. That’ll be awesome to show the obots!! I’m fighting with a bunch over at Free Republic now that gretawire is shut down.

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