What more do the Deniers/Obots need?

The evening before Dr. Lakin’s kangaroo-court martial, Dr. Lakin his family, Commander Kerchner and I took the opportunity to compare the official seal on a Hawaiian COLB he had in hand, to the one on the internet held out as that of Barrack Hussein Obama II.

The Official Seal did not match the image of the one on the COLB for BHO on the internet. It had just enough variations as to not be a counterfeit and thus liable to felony charges. The document with Official Seal we held had six stars in the border of the seal, a double line circle border and the words STATE OF HAWAII in all capital letters.

The one on the internet contained four stars, a single line border and all letters in caps EXCEPT the letter “o” in OF.

How many more obvious circumstantial evidences do you “Deniers”/”Obots” need before you have a reasonable doubt as to this persons identity?


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