“Do not attempt to intimidate a Mustang Naval Commander”

The Navy Commander versus Col. Obot

Dr. Kate on her blog said it best, “Perhaps he learned his lesson to NEVER go up against a Navy Commander with the experience of Charles Kerchner!!!”

Watching the whole event initiate stunned most of us there, but CDR Kerchner did not even flinch. I can say honestly if I would have been able to remain as cool under fire as he. I can ONLY guess that the actions of COL Sullivan was designed to rattle Kerchner and have him arrested by the many MP’s in the courtroom.

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4 Responses to “Do not attempt to intimidate a Mustang Naval Commander”

  1. justafly says:

    P.S. P.S. My post on CAAFlog

    JustaFly says:
    December 20, 2010 at 6:47 am (Quote)

    I enjoyed our conversation Colonel tho’ we did not agree on the central issue. I never did get to finish my question to you on the definition of the words “born”(beyond the red herring answer of vaginal birth vs. C-Section from Mr.Cave) and “natural”.

    I am certain you would have to agree that anything that is “natural” is not ‘by nature’ mad-made/man-caused*. A legislative act, of course is not “natural” (quite unnatural mostly, I believe we could agree), therefore your reliance on any act of Congress as bestowing naturalality [sic] on anyone must,(if one is intellectually honest), eliminate the 14th Amendment as evidence of one’s level of citizenship status.

    “Why does USC Article 2 and not Article 1 contain an exception clause if the definition of both uses are identical?”

    * e.g. natural rights, natural ingredients, natural childbirth, natural boundaries

    “I was there as just a fly on the wall.”

  2. justafly says:

    It is The Shaker Village in Pittsfield MA,

  3. drkate says:

    So glad you are blogging, Justafly! I am putting you on my blogroll, and look forward to many more posts and conversations! 🙂

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