The kangaroo-court martial of LTC Dr. Terry Lakin

My first question to the self-delusional lawyers here is; should a defendant be permitted to call witness and enter testimony and information in his own defense regardless of who it may embarrass?

Should jurors be excused from serving if they are familiar with the case and have formed an opinion about the accused before the trial?

How diligently must a military individual seek legal advice and council from their superior officers about whether their actions are legal or not before the onus falls on the silence of one’s commanders to answer the soldier’s questions?

LTC Terry Lankin was not permitted to subpoena documents or witnesses in his defense. He was not permitted to offer, under oath, any testimony in his own defense.

Almost ALL jurors had heard about the case of LTC Dr. Lakin before the trial. Many had formed a negative opinion (by their own testimony) about the case. One juror even expressed that anyone challenging Obama’s eligibility “was not necessarily” a racist.

Terry Lakin had requested guidance on his actions all the way up his chain-of-command including a request for guidance from the Army Chief of Staff General George W. Casey, Jr. and his own state’s Senators and Representative with no answer.

It was, without any doubt, a kangaroo-court martial with LTC Terrance Lakin determined guilty before the trial began.

Is that justice?


10 thoughts on “The kangaroo-court martial of LTC Dr. Terry Lakin”

  1. Welcome to the front lines. And thank you for attending the court martial of a great patriot … Lt Col Dr Terry Lakin. I am sure your readers will have many questions for you on your observations and opinions as to what happened down there at Ft Meade MD. Here’s looking forward to you having a very successful and active blog.

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

    1. justafly:

      Justice??? Of course not. No more than the entire set of sham proceedings in either the Kerchner et al case OR the Lakin case. Both of these cases establish sad and sickening precents for the American legal “profession” which should make anyone in such endeavors heartsick.

      It really doesn’t pain me to say that Chief Justice John Marshall in his 1821 opinion in Cohens v. Virginia described what both the United States Supreme Court AND the Uniform Code of Military Justice (a creature created by the United States Congress under the United States Constitution) have done in the Kerchner et al case and the trial of Terry Lakin.

      The eminent Chief Justice (who was called by his peers “the Great Justice” with good reason) referred to the refusal of both these now quasi-legal bodies to take up any Constitutional issue such as that of Obama’s eligibility for office as “Treason to the Constitution”. He is clearly correct in his observation and – in the case of the civilian “Court” the two Obama-appointed justices should have recused themselves (or have been recused by the Chief Justice); in the case of the military court the decision rendered has to mean that their decision encompassed the finding that Obama was legally holding the office and issuing orders (in addition to the Treason to the Constitution) since no other circumstance makes Lakin’s orders lawful which the UCMJ decision actually portends.

      The military court is subservient to both Congress AND the United States Constitution and it is nowhere within their power to make such a decision on Obama’s eligibility as they have done. That’s not only the Treason Marshall mentioned it is a travesty to our system of law as the Constitution is the document that demands the holder of the highest office in the land be – among other requirements – a “natural born Citizen”.

      Obama has never shown himself to be so and in fact every member of Congress was sent a copy of his Kenyan birth certificate plus facts surrounding it. Whether that is a valid document or not it is certainly as persuasive as the various fraudulent documents that Obama’s worshipers have put up on the Internet – and there are massive amounts of oter evidentiary material that also say he is a phony and fraud.

      For both courts to pretend otherwise and to evade the issue by the various legal fictions they have used would make John Marshall turn over in his grave. In no wise is Obama’s eligibility to hold the office he now occupies a “political matter” but rather an instance of the most grave Constitutional meaning – and the Courts have thumbed their nose at the law and at the citizens of this country as well.

      Keep in mind that Marshall said in this famous case that the Court was bound to hear all cases that involved constitutional questions, and that this jurisdiction was not dependent on the identity of the parties in the cases. The “Treason to the Constitution” quote is very famous and is:

      “The judiciary cannot, as the legislature may, avoid a measure because it approaches the confines of the constitution. We cannot pass it by because it is doubtful. With whatever doubts, with whatever difficulties, a case may be attended, we must decide it, if it be brought before us. We have no more right to decline the exercise of jurisdiction which is given, than to usurp that which is not given. The one or the other would be treason to the constitution. Questions may occur which we would gladly avoid; but we cannot avoid them.”

      Where’s John Marshall when our country needs him most???

  2. Judge Denise Lind needs to be horse-whipped for violating LTC Terry Lankin’s civil and constitutional rights. She did not allow discovery of the facts that the kenyan is truly not a natural citizen of the United States, since he did not have two legal American parents. His birth father was from kenya and was only in the United States on a student visa. He was then taken out of the United States where he was schooled in Socialism, Marxism and Communism. Judge Lind did not allow one piece of this evidence to make the case that the orders were “in fact” illegal.

    These damned liberal judges no longer support law, but rather interpret the laws to their political views. Those people are the true criminals in this nation, not those who legitimately question the powers to be. It will only get worse, with the seating of Sonya Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, who were both appointed by the kenyan and will do his bidding and interpret the constitution in the political avenue of the far left.

    The people of this Great Nation need to wake up to the fact that little by little their individual rights are being stripped and one day, if they are not careful, they will have no more rights. They will be slaves to the “state”.

    1. > He was then taken out of the United States where he was schooled in Socialism, Marxism and Communism.

      How does that relate to Constitutional eligibility? Zero.

      > These damned liberal judges no longer support law, but rather interpret the laws to their political views.

      Obviously you have no idea how the UCMJ works. If your opinion was fact, all soldiers could leave their posts and disobey any orders by claiming the CIC was not legitimate. Do you know how our enemies would love that? Who’s the real traitor here? The one who suggests that our military is now free to act on its own, to commit mutiny etc. simply because someone was able to “sneak in” to the White House.

      1. …and you know alllll about how the UCMJ works??

        Your facts are wrong or absent therefore your argument has no merit. Try using intellectually honesty when making your arguments.

      2. “simply because someone was able to “sneak in” to the White House.”

        Is that an admission to the FACT of usurpation…?


        But, yes. The Military has the ‘Right and Obligation’ to ‘Stand Down’ when the Civilian Command structure is compromised.

        But I find that I must be a bit more understanding of the Courts and how they have handled the ‘Political Question’ eligibility cases, but ONLY because my ‘legal theory’ depends on the HOPE that the Courts will do the right thing when handed a Bona Fide case requesting the definition of natural born Citizen, insofar as ‘citizenship’ is concerned, for, if they refuse to answer that question, then all is lost.

      3. Hoping is not sufficient proof.

        A birth certificate was all Dr. Lakin was requesting first from his chain-of-command and then from his Congressional representatives and finally in court from Obama.

        A Hawaiian birth is necessary for natural born citizenship but not sufficient. Two parent citizens are the only way a person can acquire natural born citizenship.

  3. Well, what I mean by ‘hope’ is that I truly hope all is not lost and when presented with a Bona Fide case that ‘avoids’ the ‘Political Question’ that the SCOTUS will step up and define the Constitutional idiom of natural born Citizen as it remains from the day it was written into the Clause with a Declaratory judgement.

    The alternative is for them to continue to evade or declare that NBC’s no longer exist and that we’re all citizens of the world.

    Then I stop hoping………

  4. Lt. Col. Lakin should be the President of the U.S.

    Obamamow Se Tung should be in jail at Leavenworth and that classless piece of %$#@
    wife of his Mrs. Darth Vader.

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